Why Blepharoplasty?
As we age our skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. This is especially true around the eyes since the eyelids have the thinnest skin on your body. Exposure to the sun also leads to a loss of elasticity in the skin around the eyes and can cause more sagging or wrinkles. Dr. Clariday’s goal is to revitalize droopy and puffy eyelids so that the appearance of the eyes communicates the energy and vitality that one feels inside.

Why Should I Choose an Ophthalmologist for my Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?
The eye is so complex in its parts that it has given rise to many specialties within the field of ophthalmology. Cosmetic surgeons who are Ophthalmologists specialize in delicate procedures for treating the skin, muscles, glands, and bones which surround, support, and aid in the proper functioning of the eye. Many people seek the expertise of surgeons with this medical training and experience to improve the cosmetic appearance of the areas surrounding their eyes. These same procedures can also lead to improved vision.

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What is Blepharoplasty?
Cosmetic Blepharoplasty tightens the appearance of the skin around the eyes giving the individual a youthful appearance. Blepharoplasty is the second most commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedure after liposuction. This is because it is a smaller surgical procedure that does not take a great amount of time and causes little discomfort, yet can provide significant benefit. Blepharoplasty is performed at Clariday Aesthetics to remove excess skin from the upper eyelid area or to remove bulging fat pads from the lower eyelid. It is also frequently performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as CO2 laser resurfacing. Although blepharoplasty is not a major operation, it should not be considered a trivial procedure. The eyelid is a very delicate structure and requires gentle and meticulous surgical technique in order to obtain a good result. Every patient experiences at least some swelling for several days and most people return to work within several days to a week. Lower eyelid surgery can sometimes be performed through the inside of the lower eyelid, thus leaving no visible external scar.

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Preparing for Eyelid Surgery
The Day before Eyelid Surgery
On the day before your eyelid surgery, make sure that you have the following items stocked at home:

  • ice cubes
  • clean washcloths
  • clean bowl for cold water
  • gallon-size Ziploc® bags (to make ice packs)
  • sterile gauze pads
  • bottle of acetaminophen
  • bottle of artificial tears

Also, be sure that you have arranged for someone to take you to and from the place where your Blepharoplasty will be performed.

Arranging Transportation and After-Care
It is imperative that you arrange for someone to transport you home after your eyelid surgery. Make sure that you clearly understand your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions, as they are vital to a quick, comfortable, and safe recovery from blepharoplasty.

The Day of Eyelid Surgery
While the directions for preparing for eyelid surgery may differ somewhat from surgeon to surgeon, there are some general guidelines you can follow to help ensure the procedure goes smoothly. Before adhering to any of the following guidelines, check them with your surgeon.

Make sure to shower and shampoo before the procedure and to wash your eyebrows. Cosmetics should not be worn. False eyelashes, contact lenses, jewelry, and any other unnecessary accessories should be left at home. The ideal type of clothing to wear on the day of surgery is a loose-fitting and comfortable outfit. Check with your surgeon about whether any prescription medicines or eye drops you regularly take may be taken the morning of your blepharoplasty.

More information pre and post surgery.

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